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Travel itinerary1 day around Mas d'Azil and Carla-Bayle

Leisure groups

Located 1h from Toulouse and at the gateway to the Ariège department, the Arize and Lèze valleys will welcome you to spend a pleasant time with your group.

Discover the half-timbered houses of the ancient medieval bastides, theProtestant temples, the not-to-be-missed Mas d’Azil cave, or our artists, craftsmen and producers who will reveal some of the secrets of their skills. Of course, you won’t want to miss out on our best restaurants, where tradition and gourmet delights will be the watchwords of your stay.

Over time

Le Mas d'Azil

Explore the Mas d’Azil cave with a guided tour of the caves and its interpretation center. Enjoy a delicious lunch in the village, then set off to discover its heritage. Finally, visit the Musée de la Préhistoire, the perfect complement to your visit to the Grotte. This day offers you a fascinating adventure into prehistory, combined with a gastronomic and cultural experience in a charming village. An unforgettable experience!

Duration : 1 day

Prices : 39.70€/pers. (based on 25 adults)

An art form

Le Mas d'Azil and Carla-Bayle

Discover the Musée de l’Affabuloscope, a unique artistic creation by Claudius de Cap Blanc, blending imagination, objects, and invented stories. Immerse yourself in a philosophical and playful world. After a delicious lunch in the village, explore the Galerie du Philosophe with its contemporary art exhibitions. A day of art and inspiration!

Duration : 1 day

Price: 34.50€/pers. (based on 20 adults)

Take to the air

Le Mas d'Azil - Camarade

Plunge into an immersive experience first thing in the morning at Moulis Farm, where you’ll meet Pauline and Loïc’s adorable goats, bred for their soft mohair. In the boutique, you’ll find a wide range of mohair products. After a delicious lunch at Mas d’Azil, explore Xploria, a nature museum-park dedicated to biodiversity. An unforgettable day combining nature, culture and gastronomy awaits you!

Duration : 1 day (May to October only)

Prices : 34.50€/pers. (based on 20 adults)

La belle Histoire

Carla-Bayle and Le Mas d'Azil

Get ready for a captivating adventure! Start with a stroll through the charming hilltop village of Carla-Bayle, where half-timbered houses and religious buildings will charm you. Next, immerse yourself in history and intellect at the Maison Pierre Bayle, the local philosopher.

At lunchtime, enjoy delicious food by a picturesque lake. Then explore the Grotte du Mas d’Azil to step back in time with an interactive guided tour, followed by a free exploration of the Musée de la Préhistoire. A day of adventure and discovery.

Duration : 1 day

Prices : 30.10€/pers. (based on 20 adults)

Art and heritage


Get ready for a day full of discoveries and pleasures! Start with a tour of the picturesque village, where half-timbered houses, a church and a temple will plunge you into a fascinating era. Don’t miss the Maison Pierre Bayle, which will reveal the secrets of the Enlightenment philosopher. After a delicious lunch at the village restaurant, immerse yourself in the world of contemporary art at the Galerie du Philosophe. Finally, explore the studios of local artists for an extra creative touch. A day full of history, art and gustatory pleasure!

Duration: 1 day

Prices: €32/pers. (based on 20 adults)

Good, Beautiful and Organic

Le Fossat, Carla-Bayle and La Bastide de Besplas

Start with a visit to Dominik Benz’s vineyard, followed by a tasting and a stroll through the vines. After a tasty lunch at Le Carla-Bayle, explore the charming village streets on a guided tour. Discover the story of philosopher Pierre Bayle and opt for a tour focusing on the arts. Finally, end the day with a visit to Maison Berthe Guilhem, specializing in artisanal cosmetics made from Alpine goat’s milk. A memorable day ahead!

Duration: 1 day

Prices: €24/person (based on 20 adults)

The secrets of St. Ybars


Get ready for an extraordinary day at Ferme Cosméane, where you can meet adorable donkeys and discover their secrets, from milking to the precious milk used in beauty products. After a delicious lakeside lunch, explore the charming village of Saint-Ybars on a picturesque guided tour, with breathtaking views of the valley and the majestic Pyrenees in the background.

Duration: 1 day

Rates: €35.60/pers. (based on 20 adults)

A feast for the eyes

Le Mas d'Azil and Sabarat

Set sail for a day of exploration and delights. Start with a guided tour of the Grotte du Mas d’Azil, plunging into Prehistory via an interactive center. A delicious village lunch follows. Next, the Astronomical Observatory offers a unique celestial experience with special telescopes for daytime and evening sky-watching.

Duration: 1 day

Rates: €40.10/pers. (based on 20 adults)

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