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Top 4 activitiesat the Astronomical Observatory in Sabarat

Head in the stars

Discover the Sabarat Astronomical Observatory, a must-see destination for astronomy enthusiasts and those curious about celestial wonders. Immerse yourself in an immersive experience and observe the stars and planets under a starry sky of exceptional purity.


Evening events


Embark on an unforgettable celestial experience! Our enthusiastic animators warmly welcome you for an astronomical epic full of surprises. As soon as you arrive, look up and marvel at the sky through specialized telescopes, with no risk to your eyes! Then dive into the adventure by climbing into our enchanting dome, home to the legendary “Grand Bleu”, a giant telescope with a round mirror 450 mm in diameter. A thrilling cosmic experience that will turn you into sky explorers!


Family moments

Dive into an exciting cosmic story! Discover the hidden secrets behind the rotation of the cupola and learn how it reveals itself to show you a crazy sky! On your marks, get set, point! Take control of the giant telescope, you’re the captain of the stars! With our special instruments, you’ll even be able to spythe Sun safely! Become real scientists by taking part in epic experiments, and take up the challenge of our astronomy escape game to unearth a real meteorite! Ready to explore the universe with your family? We’re waiting for you at the Sabarat Observatory for unforgettable galactic moments!


Giant model

Incredible! A life-size solar system over 20 km! Sabarat Observatory has created a unique, single-scale model. Imagine, the Sun represented by a 6.3 m dome repainted yellow to shine a thousand lights!

The telluric planets are revealed along the access path, while the gaseous giants stretch for kilometers into the Arize valley. Each planet is accompanied by a panel with its photo to scale relative to the Earth.

Explore this fabulous system on foot, by bike or by car, and wander through this beautiful valley, witness to the Plantaurel mountain range. From the observatory, admire the majestic Pyrenean peaks of the Haute Ariège and Couserans, and the sunset over the surrounding hills is breathtaking. An astronomical experience not to be missed!


Little Dipper

Explore the stars! Sabarat Observatory offers Little Dipper workshops for children curious about the universe. Become young astronomers full of curiosity! A certified trainer will guide your child through a captivating exploration of the sky, the Sun, and the stars. With observations, experiments, and games, your budding astronomer will discover the secrets of the cosmos. He’ll learn how to use a sky map, binoculars, a telescope or a telescope. But also how to tell the difference between stars and planets, and recognize the phases of the Moon. Anunforgettable interstellar experience for all little explorers!

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