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Festive valleysMust-see events


Throughout the year, our valleys offer a rich and varied calendar of sporting and cultural events. We invite you to discover the highlights not to be missed!

A fruit in the spotlight...

Fig Festival

Every first weekend in October, the fig is in the spotlight at Mas d’Azil.

Tastings of the fruit as is, in jam or in pastries or viennoiserie, but also discoveries of local artisans punctuate the days.

Open-air show

Magda's Tribe

Every summer, La tribu de Magda offers a spectacle Son et Lumière à la Grotte du Mas d’Azil around an animated historical reconstruction of the village of Mas d’Azil.

With special effects a feast for the eyes and ears, huddled in the shadow of the Grotto, spectators young and old will be drawn into a dynamic unfolding of living, poetic tableaux.


Carla-Bayle "cité des arts

Discover Carla-Bayle, a veritable “city of the arts” overlooking the valley, facing the Pyrenees. This charming destination offers an inspiring atmosphere whereart and culture blend harmoniously. Explore its picturesque streets lined with art galleries, admire the temporary exhibitions, enjoy the summer festive evenings and soak up the artistic heritage that has shaped this gem. Enjoy a unique experience in Carla-Bayle, where every corner reveals the creativity that drives this city.

Agricultural fair

Plunge into the authenticity of the Foire Agricole du Mas d’Azil, an unmissable event celebrated every May 1. Live rural through demonstrations of crafts, tastings of local produce and exhibitions of farm animals. An immersive experience at the heart of Ariège agriculture, where traditions and conviviality meet.


European Prehistoric Weapons Shooting Competition


Plunge into the past at the European Prehistoric Weapons Shooting Competition. In August, Le Mas d’Azil hosts a unique event where competitors from all over Europe compete in ancestral shooting with prehistoric bows and assegai thrusters.

Experience the thrill of this historic competition in the heart of an exceptional prehistoric site.

La Fête de la Saint-Antoine

Lézat s/ Lèze


Discover the magic of the fête de la Saint-Antoine in Lézat-sur-Lèze in June!

Soak up the playful, colorful atmosphere of this age-old celebration. In the heart of the charming village, on Sunday mornings, marvel at the tradition of the jonchée fleurie, where the streets are transformed into a carpet of petals. Themed entertainment, gastronomic delights and conviviality await you during this unforgettable cultural experience.

Whether you live in our valleys or are on holiday, you’ll find all the cultural, historical, musical or young-audience events in our diary! Festivals or intimate concerts, classical theater or sound and light shows, fun workshops or guided tours, you’re in for a treat!