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The fig festivalA fruit in the spotlight for over 20 years

The summer season in Carla Bayle’s city

Every first weekend in October, the fig takes center stage at Mas d’Azil. Tastings of the fruit as it is, in jam or in pastries and viennoiserie, as well as discoveries by local artisans, punctuate the days.

Awakening the senses

As soon as he arrived

As soon as you arrive, all your senses will be on alert: colors, textures, smells… Quite a program!”

On the artisanal market it’s the talent of our local creators that will arouse your curiosity: wood, textiles, basketry, leather and so many others! In good spirits, they’ll share a few words about their work and the pieces on display for two days.

At the end of the morning, gourmet delights will take over with the smells wafting from the many stalls at the marché gourmand. Of course, figs will be associated with every dish, and you won’t know what to choose.


From our gourmands

Mélanie and Zoé

never leave without a fig croustade for one, and without her fruit pastes for the other.


it’s the jar of whole fig jam cooked in a cauldron that makes her crack


prefers sweet and savory and doesn’t hesitate to combine duck and fig for lunch



Fig bread and doughnuts are her favorite recipes



For all

The fête de la figue is also a convivial atmosphere, full of good humor. The street shows punctuate the 2 days: acrobats, dancers, music… from year to year young and old are always just as enthralled.

The highlight of the show

The brotherhood parade

At the end of the day, on Saturday, the confreries will put on their show by parading through the middle of the market.

The Tindoulets de la Figo (fig fools), our local confrérie, lead the dance followed by invited guilds. Don’t miss the induction of new members, which is always a joyous occasion and gradually leads into the aperitif-concert and festive meal. The best way to enjoy this unique atmosphere a little more.

And if you still want more, Sunday will be just as entertaining.

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