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©Aquazone at CArla-Bayle|Stéphane Merlin

Sensational activities

in Arize-Lèze.

Get out of your routine! Looking for some adrenalin? the Mas d’Azil site is the only one in the world to allow bungee jumping from the vault of a cave, so come and be one of the privileged few.

If you’d rather don the swimsuits and discover a different kind of thrill, it’s at the Lac du Carla-Bayle that you can enjoy the facilities of the water park with giant Aquazone slide.


Bungee jumping

Elastic Jump

Come and discover the Grotte du Mas d’Azil in a whole new way! With its 70-meter height, you can make a jump in complete safety, in a 100% natural setting.

This is the only place on the planet to let you jump from the vault of a cave, giving you an unprecedented and unforgettable sensation.



Family, friends, associations, clubs… take advantage of the Carla-Bayle’s 100% inflatable water park to create many thrill-filled memories.

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