Experience the thrills

By Elodie from the tourist office.

Le Mas d’Azil, it’s high, it’s very high for bungee jumping… and I did it!

At the end of my 1st season as a tourist guide at the Grotte du Mas d’Azil and after seeing tourists (and locals) jump all season, I said “my turn”! I’ll tell you all about it, but are you ready to take up the challenge and give it a try?


Very scary!

This is it! I booked within the week and here I am on the site. We climb up the access path to reach the green footbridge 70 m above the river. My colleague, Stéphane, is part of the supervisory team: that’s reassuring.

Fear and excitement start to set in: I already know I’ll be among the last (there are about ten of us).

It's my turn

It's really too high

I see my comrades jump, one after the other. It’s my turn. They start to equip me, fear takes over: I’m really scared to death. I’m not sure of anything anymore, my legs are “flagada”!

“What am I doing here????”

For the record: I’m afraid of heights standing on a chair! And of course, my family and friends are down there, but I’m deaf to their encouragement. Very professional, the team reassures me and advises me to stare at the top of the hill opposite. I struggle to get there, I’m stuck. I hear Stéphane say a few words and…

I launch myself into the void!

I fly

Pure sensation

I screamed like never before, I think the people in the road tunnel heard me loud and clear! The fall is very impressive, but the bounces give me time to see the rock and the river alternately up close and risk-free. Phew, it’s done, but my head’s down!

I’m gradually descending, someone landing me on the rocks in the middle of the river (not much flow). My legs are still flagging, but I’m overjoyed to have done it. I admit it took me several hours to recover. But I still have the feeling of having been privileged, of having had a sensational experience, made unique by the magnificent setting.

Two years later, I’m a guide at the grotto during the summer and I’m taking a break between 2 visits with my colleague Marie. It’s jump day: we’ve been listening to them all day. An exchange of glances and a whim (or madness) later, here we are, booking our tour: there’s still time to jump, and there are still places available. Here we go again! The sensations are exactly the same, and as luck would have it, Stéphane is still there to reassure us!

It’s up to you 😉


“When you arrive on site, our instructors take charge of you. They explain every step of your jump. Your safety is our priority: we equip you with a full-body harness and leggings. We’re also here to reassure you and help you overcome your fear. What happens next is up to you: it’s an indescribable, intense and unique experience! After the jump, a winch lowers you down and you walk back up a short hiking trail. We’ll give you your jump certificate.”

Stéphane, instructor and guide at Mas d'Azil
To be planned


Seasonal clothing

Photo camera

Terms and conditions

Age: over 16
Parental consent for minors
Be in good physical condition
Minimum weight: 60 kg
Maximum weight: 130 kg

Good to know

Jump height: 70 meters
Supervision by state-qualified instructors
Registrations from April to September (weekends) upon reservation and weather conditions

1 eco-friendly weekend, 2 steps from Toulouse!

3..... IT'S YOUR TURN!