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Such beautiful nature

Protecting and sharing



Welcome to the heart of a unique natural and cultural environment! Our Ariege identity, this rich and generous nature, these unique landscapes, this lively flora and fauna, we want to protect them so that you can enjoy them for a long time to come. This is the role of the Parc Naturel des Pyrénées Ariégeoises, which includes the Arize and Lèze valleys at the foot of the Pyrenees. A place to live, explore and discover, a protected natural area to explore.

Unspoilt nature

Since 2009, the Parc Naturel des Pyrénées Ariègeoises has been protecting an exceptional ecosystem (from the peaks of the Spanish and Andorran borders to the foothills and pre-Pyrenean plain) and enhancing our inhabited areas. This beautiful natural environment is home to many species specific to our territory, some of which are threatened. With a little patience and silence, you’ll be able to observe them on your walks: Isard, Bearded Vulture, Pyrenean Desman and Euproctus, Capercaillie, Pyrenean Lily, etc.

The PNR is here to ensure the harmonious development of flora and fauna with our human activities, from pastoralism to habitat management. Prehistoric and historic sites abound. It’s all there for memorable experiences: beautiful places and beautiful stories!”

Besides, the PNR knows how to let you experience nature in real life: workshops, animations, guided outings, sporting activities are regularly organized by the park houses. They’ll share their love of our superb region with you, and you’ll leave with your heart and soul nourished by beautiful moments!

Ariège Pyrenees Regional National Park

Identity sheet

2500 km² or 40% of the department

A territory

138 associated communes and 46,000 inhabitants


1,700 species, including 14% endemic to the Pyrenees alone.


20 endemic animal species among more than 200 protected species

Quiers du Mas d'Azil

What's new?

The limestone Quiers of the Mas d’Azil and Camarade are classified as a Natura 2000 site. Grasslands, meadows, moors, caves and galleries, ponds and the Arize River are areas rich in flora and fauna. Geologically, this karst plateau offers a playground for the Arize. From resurgence to underground dive, it’s a treasure hunt to follow the river…

There are no fewer than ten species of bats of community interest, water species (white-footed crayfish, lamprey of Planer, sculpin, desman of the Pyrenees) and insects (stag beetle and great capricorn beetle). Budding zoologists will appreciate this inventory of rare species!

And for herbalists, it’s an abundance of wild orchids: amateurs beware!

Exploring nature

Hiking in the PNR

What better way than to take to the paths of the nature park to encounter nature. On foot, bike or horseback, take the time to observe, discover and marvel. With a little patience, if you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to come across or meet the animals that populate our beautiful lands.

So, no velvet, silence in the ranks and keep your eyes open!

Do you like our nature?

Respect it!
Preparing your hike

Choose an itinerary suited to your fitness and level, or have a professional accompany you.

Check the weather.

Bring a topographical map, compass and/or GPS.

Notify your departure, itinerary and return time.

Be well equipped: hiking boots and weather-appropriate clothing, first-aid kit…

Pack water and food.

Respecting nature

Stay on marked trails so as not to damage unspoilt places.

Leave nothing behind: bring a bag for your garbage!

No dogs on the loose.

You like flowers: leave them where they are most beautiful…

Be curious, but keep a low profile so as not to disturb the inhabitants of these places. Even if you can’t see them, wild animals live all around you.


No fires, no cigarettes.

In the event of a fire or suspected fire, dial 17 or 112

In the event of an accident, dial 18 or 112.

Do not approach flocks. Sheepdogs are not your friends, they guard the flock. Pass in the distance.

Please remember to close the gates.