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Happiness is in the meadow

Farm visit

What about taking your family to the farm? Our farms open their doors for you to get up close to farm animals and discover artisan skills. We’re sure that if you come for the pleasure and education of your children, you’ll leave just as delighted, richer in knowledge and authentic encounters. Another way to get in touch with the reality of our rural valleys!

Moulis Farm

So soft the mohair

Pierre and Loïc introduce you to the Moulis farm and its 140 Angora goats, whose fleece gives such warm, soft wool: mohair. Depending on the season, you’ll be able to watch the birth of the kids or the shearing of the goats.

While children will love cuddling the gentle animals, you’ll be amazed at the work our breeders put in to obtain wool of exceptional quality.

A privileged place in a preserved natural environment.





Castel Pouzouilh

Life on the farm

Since 2021, Marie has been showing you around her world and meeting pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, chinchillas, geese, hens, ducks, pigeons, dwarf pigs, donkeys… and their little ones! Take advantage of the opportunity to pick seasonal fruit and vegetables, while the children gather eggs in the barnyard. It’s a real immersion in farm life, and you’ll leave with your heart full and your basket full!


Donkey milk

Let Marie and Cyril introduce you to the donkeys of the Pyrenees, and tap into the wellspring of natural beauty.

And while donkeys can be charming companions, donkey milk has been an ingredient in precious beauty recipes since ancient times. Children’s donkey rides, donkey milking or soap-making… You’ll live at the pace of our donkey friends.


The laughing donkey

Social farm

This is a place of fun and laughter: all the animals live together in freedom. Come for a moment of sharing and exchange between playful workshops, animal mediation and treasure hunts! Take the time to reconnect with nature and animals. And for those with a sweet tooth, don’t forget the organic afternoon snack.

La ferme des Cycles

At Nature's pace

Breeding black-headed Manetz ewes and permaculture: at Ferme des Cycles, nothing is wasted and we work with nature, all nature. The ewes’ milk is used to make tasty cheeses and a soft, superfatted organic soap, while the wool is processed on site, from spinning to weaving and knitting! Louise and Jérémy will share their passion and conviction with you during a workshop or a simple visit.

From farm to fork

Fresh, organic and delicious!