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Views and images of Arize et Lèze

Our tops

Where there’s a vacation, there’s a photo opportunity! If you want to inspire your friends, we’re here to tell you all about the places that make you go whaouuu: go there, strike a pose and hop, straight to Instagram, so beautiful it is. Incredible panoramic views to feast your eyes and soothe your soul. Lovers of beautiful images, contemplatives in search of pure beauty, this is just for you!



Taking the high road

Here, everything is peaceful! At Méras, a 360° panorama opens up before your astonished eyes: in the background, the Pyrenees and below, the Arize valley. Soar high and savor the moment!


Carla Bayle

Between two valleys

Perched between the Arize and Lèze valleys, the view from Carla Bayle is a must-see!

It offers a view of each of the valleys: from the top of the northern rampart, the plains of the Lèze valley unfold before your eyes, while from the southern rampart stretches a breathtaking view of the Arize valley and the Pyrenees.

A medieval bastide perfectly located at the confluence of two valleys, to leave with beautiful images full of head.




The highlight

At 750 m altitude, it’s the highest point in the destination: the higher you climb, the more beautiful it gets! The road opposite the Moulis farm opens onto a breathtaking landscape. Each season brings new colors: you’ll never tire of this view!



The hilltop village

A breathtaking view of the valley. The Lèze winds its way through this rolling, verdant landscape where cultivated fields stretch as far as the eye can see, with the Pyrenees as the only horizon!

More surprises along the way

From the bend of a path to the top of a hill, there’s no shortage of viewpoints… Choose your favorites as you go!

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