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The tourist office and its team

A tourist office

for a destination

The tourist office is a association loi 1901 chaired by Mr Raymond BERDOU.

It covers 27 communes: Artigat, Camarade, Campagne s/ Arize, Carla Bayle, Casteras, Castex, Daumazan s/ Arize, Durfort, Fornex, Gabre, La Bastide de Besplas, Lanoux, Le Fossat, Le Mas d’Azil, Lézat s/ Lèze Les Bordes/Arize, Loubaut, Méras, Monesple, Montfa, Pailhès, Sabarat, Sainte-Suzanne, Saint-Ybars, Sieuras, Thouars s/ Arize, Villeneuve du Latou.

The Board of Directors comprises 20 members (elected representatives, tourism professionals, associated public bodies PNR, ADT, SESTA).

The Grotte du Mas d’Azil is part of the Grands Sites Occitanie as part of the Niaux-Le Mas d’Azil: Pyrénées préhistoriques collection.

8 communes are part of the Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Ariégeoises.

A tourist office at your service

All year round

  • Open daily from July 3 to August 31 9:30am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 6pm.
  • May-June-September and until the 1st weekend in October Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm and Saturday 9:30am to 12:30pm and 2:30pm to 6pm.
  • Off-season (October-April)open Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm.
  • The Tourist Office travels by mobility on the Arize and Lèze valleys in July and August.
The missions

from the tourist office

Welcome, Inform and Advise
  • Greeting and informing French and foreign visitors at the tourist office and “outside the walls” at the region’s must-see sites
  • Participating in the pots d’accueil at tourist residences and campsites in our valleys in July and August.
  • Information management (events, service provider follow-up…)
  • Free Wifi


Promoting the destination
  • Design and distribution of communication media: maps, guides, website, …
  • Participation in promotional actions in collaboration with the ADT Ariège-Pyrénées (animation in company restaurants, one-off actions such as trade fairs…)
  • Management of a bookshop and a boutique selling local products “Made in Arize-Lèze”
  • Press relations


Federating the tourism industry
  • Coordination of the local tourism offer (APIDAE database)
  • Visits to service providers throughout the year
  • Support for project leaders
  • Training of service providers on various topics: Google my business, marketplace, …

The tourist office benefits from its own registration with ATOUT France, which enables it to market its approved service providers:

  • Group visits and tours via the group brochures published annually
  • Solicitation via e-mailing, the OT and ADT websites, workshop…
Getting to know you better

The team

Tourist advisor

HERS MISSIONS: reception and updating of tourist information (support for the SIT), Quality Tourism brand referent, in charge of marketing and group services, inventory management and website back office.

What she likes: Tidying up and organizing! Reading in the sunshine and festive meals with good local produce.

What she doesn’t like : Clutter (yes it’s a bit of an obsession with her!). Prejudices about working in a tourist office. In fact, she’s always ready to unleash a video of Gaillac colleagues on this theme.

The little extras you need to know about her: She’s often mistaken for Mélanie, both on a first-name basis and physically, and it’s not uncommon to hear “Mélodie” in the mouths of our partners. She has bungee jumped twice from the Grotto ledge, despite being afraid of heights. She’s not bilingual in Spanish!”

Her must-do on the destination: Walks on the heights of Camarade for the breathtaking view.

How is she seen by her colleagues? Organized and a perfectionist she’s also the calmest of the team.

TO CONTACT HER: production@tourisme-arize-leze.com

Tourist consultant

HER MISSIONS: reception, updating tourist information (SIT referent), in charge of the store, monitoring hiking files, referent for tourist accommodations, managing the website back office….

What she likes: hiking, gardening and sweet treats (you can bribe her with dark chocolate! ).

What she doesn’t like: reading and seafood (phew, it’s not the local speciality).

The little extras you need to know about her: She’s pretty handy with pastries, the team regularly asks for macaroons. She did part of her studies with Élodie. She’s also bilingual in Spanish.

Her must-see destination: the tour of Lake Filheit.

How is she seen by her colleagues? She’s the pro at negotiating! She’s also the bravest.

Contact her: informations@tourisme-arize-leze.com


HERS MISSIONS: managing OTVAL’s HR and administrative files, communication and promotion, monitoring tourism development projects, following up project leaders, …

What she likes: getting out in the field to be in contact with people and making videos about the destination.

What she doesn’t like: The praline, tidying up her desk and administrative tasks (but does them successfully).

The little +’s to know about her: She’s behind the Friday afternoon snack with the bakery gourmet. Élodie makes sure she keeps a tidy desk. She is bilingual in Spanish.

Her must-see destination: A stroll through the village of Carla Bayle via the route de Castéras. The view is just incredible.

How is she viewed by her colleagues? The most talkative but above all the most diplomatic.

Contact her: direction@tourisme-arize-leze.com