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Tourist tax

What's new?

The tourist tax is implemented throughout the Communauté de Communes Arize-Lèze. It is paid to the tourist office and contributes to the financing of actions in favor of local tourism development.

The tourist tax is collected from January 1 to December 31 and payable to the tourist tax office of the Communauté de Communes Arize Lèze, located in Le Fossat until January 15 of year N+1.

Changes from 2019
  • Rates applicable from January 1, 2019 following the reform of the tourist tax imposed on us by law n°2017-1775 of 28/12/2017
  • An additional tax of 10% added to the tourist tax – accommodation not classified or awaiting classification will have to apply a rate decided by the Communauté de communes to find out the amount of the tax for each stay.
Who collects it?

Accomodation providers (renters of private furnished accommodation, campsites, gites, bed and breakfasts, tourist residences, as well as any private individual who rents out all or part of their home…).

Who is subject to it?

All adults temporarily staying in Arize Lèze in tourist accommodation.

Who is exempt?
  • Minors.
  • Holders of a seasonal employment contract employed on Arize Lèze territory.
  • People benefiting from emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing;
  • People “occupying premises where the rent is less than an amount to be determined by the community council”.
The obligations of the accommodation provider:
  • Make a declaration at the town hall where the accommodation is located
  • Provide a copy of this declaration to the Arize Lèze tourist office based at Mas d’Azil
  • Collect this tax from tenants
  • Keep the tourist tax tracking document provided by the tourist office or any other rental register.
  • Provide this record of rentals by January 15 of the following year at the latest to the Communauté de Communes Arize-Lèze in Le Fossat, and transfer the tax collected


    Helping you with your declaration

    2023 scales

    Rate per night and per person
    Tourist hotels 5*; meublés de tourisme 5*; résidence de tourisme 5*

    Taxe additionnelle Conseil départemental 10%



    Tourist hotels 4*;residence de tourisme 4*, meublés de tourisme 4 *

    Taxe additionnelle Conseil départemental 10%



    Hotels de tourisme 3* ; residence de tourisme 3* ;meublés de tourisme 3

    Taxe additionnelle Conseil départemental 10%



    Hotels de tourisme 2* ; résidence de tourisme 2* ; meublés de tourisme 2*; villages de vacances 4 et 5 étoiles

    Taxe additionnelle Conseil départemental 10%



    Hotels de tourisme 1*; résidence de tourisme 1*; meublés de tourisme 1*; villages de vacances 1, 2 et 3 étoiles ; bed and breakfast

    Additional tax Conseil départemental 10%



    Camping sites and caravanning sites classified as 3, 4 and 5 stars and any outdoor accommodation site with equivalent characteristics, pitches in motorhome parks and tourist parking spaces per 24-hour period:

    Additional tax Conseil départemental 10%:




    Camping sites and caravan parks classified as 1 and 2 stars and any outdoor accommodation site with equivalent characteristics, marinas:

    Additional tax Conseil départemental 10%




    Any accommodation awaiting classification or without classification, with the exception of outdoor accommodation

    Additional tax Conseil départemental 10% of the amount of the tax


    Example of tourist tax calculation if the accommodation is unclassified

    4 adults staying 7 nights in an unclassified furnished accommodation. The rental amount is 400€ per week.

    Cost per night (400€/7nights) / 4 people = 14.29€/person

    Tax rate 14.29€ x 2%= 0.2858€/night per person liable

    Tourist tax due 0.2858€ x 7 nights x 4 adults (without exemption) + 10% = 8.80€

    You can download a simulator to calculate the tax. Simply save it in Excel format, and activate the modification to run simulations.