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Feet in the water

The Carla Bayle and Mondély leisure centers and municipal swimming pools are ideal for a refreshing swim.

The largest choice to prepare your stay

Safe swimming

Who doesn’t dream of taking a dip in the cool water when it’s really hot? But to ensure that it remains a simple moment of happiness, a few precautions and rules are in order:

  • Inform yourself about swimming conditions in lakes. In times of drought, water quality may not be sufficient to authorize swimming. Find out more and respect any prohibitions.
  • Prefer supervised swimming with children. Your toddlers should be equipped with brassards, if they can’t swim.
  • Avoid excessively hot hours and think about sun cream and hats or caps or stay in the shade. Avoid plunging suddenly into cool water after long exposure.
  • For your safety and for the preservation of our waterways, wild river swimming is forbidden.
  • We have a beautiful nature, let’s respect it. Don’t leave your garbage anywhere but in the garbage cans, and respect the areas where wild animals, birds and fish live.

Without forgetting the essential: enjoy these moments of joy and sharing for beautiful memories!