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Good fishing spots

Shall we go stud fishing?

Crowds, swimming and hiking are not for you. You long for calm, freshness and to discover nature in all its dimensions. So we’ll take you fishing! Our rivers and lakes are teeming with fish. Trout in the Arize, pike-perch, pike-perch, carp or roach in the lakes, sport or leisure fishing, initiation… There are a thousand ways to pit your wits against Nature, before tucking into a fricassee of gudgeon or a fine trout meunière!

The Arize and Lèze rivers

Our small and medium-sized rivers are open to anglers of all kinds.

The Arize

1st category

Fishermen love the Arize for its truites and because fishing is possible all season long.

But Ariège trout are wild and not so easily persuaded to take the bait! You’ll have to survey the river and, for sport lovers, pass through the no kill sector of Labastide-de-Sérou.

The Arize river is classified as a cours d’eau 1ère catégorie upstream from Mas d’Azil and 2nd category downstream.

The Lèze


The Lèze is a 2nd category river, home to barbel and gudgeon. Some protected species swim there in peace, such as the white-clawed crayfish or the southern barbel. The Lèze is home to a recreational and introductory river fishing course.

Good to know

For a fisherman who knows how to fish

To ensure the preservation of our species and the proper management of our aquatic spaces, there are a few rules to be observed, on pain of a fine.

To fish in freshwater, you must be the holder of a carte de pêche valid for the Arize and Lèze sector.

You can obtain it from the Fédération de la Pêche et de la Protection du milieu aquatique, local fishing associations or retailers of fishing tackle, press, cafés, shops… displaying “ici carte de pêche”.

It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your practice.

June 1 is National Fishing Day, the only day when a card is not compulsory to fish in open waters.

1st category lakes and rivers

  • From 2nd Saturday in March to 3rd Sunday in September inclusive.
  • Exception: release of pike caught between the 2nd Saturday in March and the last Friday in April

Lakes and rivers of 2nd category

  • All year round
  • Exceptions: Pike (last Saturday in April to last Sunday in the following January) – Char (3rd Saturday in May to December 31 inclusive)

The day’s fishing begins no earlier than 1/2 hour before sunrise and ends no later than 1/2 hour after sunset. Night fishing is prohibited.

You can fish in the following open waters:

  • Private streams and bodies of water if the holder of the fishing right authorizes you to do so.
  • Fishing pools run by your approved fishing association.
  • Fishing pools run by an approved fishing association with which yours has a reciprocal agreement.

Rules vary mainly according to the classification of open waters.

  • 1st category: rivers, bodies of water and lakes mainly populated by trout or where this species must be protected.
  • 2nd category: rivers, canals and bodies of water not classified in 1st category.

Lake fishing

Arize and Lèze spots

Friendly anglers, the lakes of the Arize and Lèze valleys are an ideal playground for pike, zander, carp and roach lovers. You’ll find lovely walks to reach the quiet spot where you’ll be fishing. They are also ideal for experimenting with new fishing techniques: trolling, casting, dead-line, fly-fishing or float-tubing…

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