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A beautiful escapeIn Arize-Lèze

Road trip

Mélanie, Elodie and Sabrina, destination experts

One of our missions at the Tourist Office is to go out and meet our tourist service providers. We regularly survey the 27 communes of our valleys, and we each have our own favorite walks. By bike, motorcycle or car, discover our valleys and the team’s favorites.


Secret valleys

Get ready for one of Mélanie’s favorite getaways! Your adventure begins in Campagne-sur-Arize, where you set course for the magnificent “Pigailh” at Carla-Bayle. Along the way, on this quiet road, you’ll be dazzled by breathtaking panoramas, surrounded by unspoilt nature. At a crossroads, several choices are open to you: to the right, plunge into the tranquility of Sieuras and stroll by the charmingFountescut fountain. To the left, head for Méras and enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view (don’t forget to take a memorable photo!). As you make your way back down the valley to the main road, prepare to be amazed by an idyllic landscape. Admire the picturesque bell tower of the Castex church in the foreground, while the majestic Pyrenees loom on the horizon.

On the hills


Sabrina, the picturesque roads enthusiast, has a preference for the Carla-Bayle route via Castéras. A real epanoramic experience awaits you, where you can majestically dominate the valley. The place seems frozen in time, allowing you to lose yourself in fields as far as the eye can see, whose colors change with the seasons and the hard work of farming. Continuing on for another 3 km, you’ll finally reach your long-awaited destination. Before getting back on the road, don’t miss a tour of the ramparts and a visit to the lakeside. On the way back, you’ll find new landscapes to explore as you make your way from one hamlet to the next.


Unique paintings

Elodie prefers the roads of Camarade. We take a little height up to the ferme des Moulis. From this point, the view over the valley to the north is breathtaking, but you haven’t seen anything yet. Take the road to the left and open your eyes wide: first the clocher de l’église de Lavielle, up again… and there it is you’re there! The panorama is splendid in all weathers, but her favorite part is making this trip by bike in spring: the Pyrenees covered in snow, the green hills… the spectacle is unique. Though the same view in the early morning in autumn with the brume below is just as beautiful. The descent beneath the fir trees of the communal forest transports you into another atmosphere to bring the walk to a close.