Drone view of Carla-BayleDrone view of the southern ramparts of Carla-Bayle
©View of the southern ramparts of Carla-Bayle|Sébastien COURBET
Villages of characterIn Arize - Lèze

A color chart of villages

Our valleys are home to a collection of charming, picturesque villages. Nestled in a rolling, verdant landscape, each village has its own character and history, with cobbled streets, traditional stone houses, churches, temples and lively squares. Visitors can wander the winding lanes, discover local artisans, sample regional products and enjoy the quietness of the surroundings.

A village in history

Le Mas d'Azil

Soak up its rich heritage by visiting its historic monuments, such as the majestic Grotte du Mas d’Azil, a breathtaking natural site. Explore the musée de la Préhistoire to delve into the origins of mankind, and don’t miss the ateliers d’art where talented artisans bring their creations to life. Nature and science lovers will delight in the Xploria Museum-Park, offering fascinating activities on the local flora and fauna.

Finally, let yourself be seduced by the picturesque architecture of the ancient streets, historic churches and testimonies to the village’s religious past.

Between cultural discovery and immersion in unspoilt nature!”


A timeless getaway

Wander along the ramparts and marvel at the view of the majestic Pyrenees and the sparkling lake. Dive into history by visiting the birthplace of Pierre Bayle, an Enlightenment philosopher, to relive a fascinating era of religious repression under the reign of Louis XIV.

In summer, discover the galleries of some thirty artists, while the “Thursdays at Carla” promise convivial moments, mixing festive meals and spellbinding concerts.

A unique cultural and artistic experience awaits you!

Tradition and heritage

Lézat sur Lèze

Enjoy the atmosphere of an ancient abbey as you explore the couverts and preserved stall fronts.

Lézat is famous for two remarkable saints. The hermitage of Saint-Antoine is home to a spring renowned for its curative virtues against skin ailments. As for Sainte-Apollonie, her miraculous tooth relieves toothache in infants.

Dive into the legends and benefits of this authentic destination, where history and tradition blend harmoniously.

By motorcycle, car or bike

Road trip

Go off the beaten track to enjoy exceptional panoramas and get some height! We invite you to check out our 3 ideas for walks to discover our villages and landscapes:

From Daumazan sur Arize to Sieuras (9km)
From Sabarat to Carla-Bayle via Castéras (9km)
From Mas d’Azil to the heights of Camarade (30km).


A preserved medieval bastide.

Admire the half-timbered houses that bear witness to its historic past. Enjoy the exceptional view from the small market hall opposite the town hall.

At the bottom of the village, relax by the lake, a great place to unwind with family or friends. With its preserved medieval charm and enchanting landscapes, Saint-Ybars is a destination not to be missed for a unique experience.

A village with character

Les Bordes sur Arize

Witness to Protestantism in the 17th century, this village features beautiful half-timbered houses and preserved cobbled streets.

Discover the authentic atmosphere as you stroll through the little streets steeped in history. Immerse yourself in the eventful past of this former Protestant stronghold, where every corner hides treasures from yesteryear.