Dsc 0399The rampart houses of Bordes sur Arize
©The rampart houses of Bordes sur Arize
A wealth of historyUnspoilt nature

The atypical narrow streets of Bordes s/ Arize

Located near Mas d’Azil, the village of Bordes-sur-Arize is full of charm. Its half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and church… transport you back in time. The unspoilt atmosphere and natural surroundings make for a pleasant stroll for all heritage lovers.


A past revealed

As far back as Gallo-Roman times, the village was home to a mysterious castrum with the intriguing names of Ramos or Rams. As the centuries passed, religious monks took up residence in Lasbordas or Bordies. Ah, and did you know that in 1174, the church of Saint Pey de Romengous made its appearance? But the clou du spectacle, it was in the 17th century that Les Bordes became a stronghold of Protestantism, closely linked to Mas d’Azil. Other villages even joined the Reformed revolt. These tumultuous adventures intertwine with the Arize and Lèze valleys and the Comté de Foix, to our great historical delight!

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The church

The church at Les Bordes-sur-Arize is a true architectural gem! Imagine a centuries-old building, dedicated to Saint Peter, with fascinating details. Its clocher-wall is like a vigilant guardian, keeping watch over the village like a mythical guardian. Inside, it’s a journey back in time. It’s as if the church had its own story to tell, through its sculptures, its beautiful vaults and its altar.


An eventful history

In the 17th century, the church at Les Bordes-sur-Arize became the scene of an incredible religious epic! After the Edit of Nantes in 1598, which gave Protestants the right to practice their faith, Les Bordes was invaded by the energy of Protestantism. But oh boy, did trouble knock on their door! When King Louis XIII wanted to eradicate Protestant influence in the region, a royal army appeared, ready to do battle with the rebellious villages, including the Bordes. With legendary bravery, the consuls of Les Bordes made a bold decision: they decided to set fire to the village to prevent the royal army from taking control. This heroic gesture marked the beginning of a difficult period for the Protestants, but they managed to build a new temple to celebrate their faith. Today, the Bordes-sur-Arize church and temple are the guardians of this incredible story.

A nice walk

Discover an easy 4.5 km, 1h30 hike to explore the charming villages of Sabarat, Les Bordes-sur-Arize and Le Mas d’Azil.

Admire the magnificent viewpoints along the way. An enriching experience in the heart of nature and local heritage.

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