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©Carla-Bayle gallery in Ariège|ariege360 - Stéphane MEURISSE

Carla-Bayle, city of the arts

In the village of Carla-Bayle, artistic expression comes to life around every corner. The colorful facades of historic buildings provide the backdrop for a vibrant art scene, where contemporary creators rub shoulders with cultural heritage, making this small enclave a veritable paradise for art lovers and travelers in search of inspiration.


A key association

Rue des arts

The “Rue des Arts” association in Carla-Bayle enlivens the creativity of this unmissable village. It brings together artists and enthusiasts, organizing exhibitions, workshops and cultural events. Through her dynamic activities, she breathes a dynamic artistic energy into the cobbled streets, making the village a veritable hotbed for creative minds.

Exhibition “One hundred square centimeters”


This exhibition brings together 150 artists and aims to promote creativity and artistic expression in all its facets, for amateurs and professionals alike. All participants are invited to explore art through a 10 x 10 cm square format, offering creative freedom within this specific constraint.


The summer season

More than thirty artist and artisan galleries open their doors to you, exhibiting inspiring creativity. Tuesdays come alive with late-night access to the galleries, while Thursdays promise lively festive evenings.

Submerge yourself in the artistic essence of this picturesque village that’s sure to enchant.

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