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The must-sees

Everyone in the water

Our best spots

What would a vacation be without the pleasures of water and swimming? Children demand it and parents appreciate it, so we invite you to take a tour of our beaches! Yes, there are beaches in Arize and Lèze! The ones on our lakes are sometimes developed, but always in a green and soothing natural setting. So, why not take the plunge?

Lac du Carla Bayle

At the foot of the Carla-Bayle bastide, an 11-hectare lake awaits you to enjoy the joys of the water. Swimming, playing, pedal-boating or paddle, it’s all here for a day at the beach! And don’t worry, parents can relax on the beach (with one eye open): the swimming area is supervised in July and August.

If the kids want to work out, no problem! The leisure base is equipped and you can launch a mini golf or beach volleyball competition to share a moment of play! The skatepark, tennis court and children’s playground complete the package.

And of course the Aquazone for thrill-seekers. There’s something for all the family!


Permitted swimming: June to September

Supervised swimming: July to August, daily 11am to 7pm


The leisure center

Rentals: Mountain bikes, pedal boats and paddle or buoy boats

Equipment: mini golf, beach volleyball, tennis, skatepark, children’s games, picnic tables

Restaurants: Le resto du lac – La guinguette du Carla

The Aquazone

Open: June 15 – September 15

Every day from 11 am to 7 pm

Prices: 1 h – €10 or 2 h – €18

Lake Mondély

Near Gabre, in La Bastide-de-Sérou, the lac de Mondély is fed by the Lèze river. Set in lush greenery, its turquoise waters invite you to take a dip. For a picnic or a refreshing break, come and enjoy nature at its best. Just a beach, a few picnic tables and a magnificent setting for a simple, no-fuss moment.

Lake Saint-Ybars

A peaceful lake at the foot of the village, a natural beach and a few amenities: here’s an ideal spot for a day’s swimming. If you’re looking for an afternoon break, bring your pétanque balls and balls or rackets. The playground and boulodrome promise plenty of laughter between two swims! The restaurant will help you recover from your emotions.

I can't, I've got a pool!

Safe swimming

Who doesn’t dream of taking a dip in the cool water when it’s really hot? But to ensure that it remains a simple moment of happiness, a few precautions and rules are in order:

  • Inform yourself about swimming conditions in lakes. In times of drought, water quality may not be sufficient to authorize swimming. Find out more and respect any prohibitions.
  • Prefer supervised swimming with children. Your toddlers should be equipped with brassards, if they can’t swim.
  • Avoid excessively hot hours and think about sun cream and hats or caps or stay in the shade. Avoid plunging suddenly into cool water after long exposure.
  • For your safety and for the preservation of our waterways, wild river swimming is forbidden.
  • We have a beautiful nature, let’s respect it. Don’t leave your garbage anywhere but in the garbage cans, and respect the areas where wild animals, birds and fish live.

Without forgetting the essential: enjoy these moments of joy and sharing for beautiful memories!

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