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©Arize River in the Mas d'Azil cave|Lionel RUHIER - SESTA
A land of discoveryImmersion in the time of the first men

Since prehistoric times…

Immerse yourself in the ancient times of our valleys and discover the dinosaurs of Xploria, the majestic Grotte du Mas d’Azil and the Neolithic dolmens.

A unique site in Europe

The Mas d'Azil cave

It’s a unique journey where we invite you. An exceptional natural site that was home to the first men, and where the road tunnel impresses even the most knowledgeable.

Art craftsmen at the north entrance, walks, family picnics with a view, guided immersion tours: the Grotte du Mas d’Azil is one of the Ariège must-sees that appeals to young and old alike.


The forest to explore time

In the extraordinary Castagnès forest at Mas d’Azil, come and discover the Xploria museum-park and enjoy a nature trail, designed for adventure, to learn about the history of biodiversity while having fun!
Follow the thread of time, from the creation of the universe, and discover the evolution of flora and fauna.

A veritable open-air museum of natural history!

To learn everything from dinosaurs to giant mammals of prehistory, from the first ferns to delicate orchids, from the first organisms to the Ice Age Dodo!!

Megalithic buildings

The dolmens

Lovers of heritage, nature, or even beautiful walks, we’ll take you to observe spectacular megaliths.

In a preserved environment but accessible to the most curious, it’s a journey back in time that we offer you to extend your journey in Prehistoric times.

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