Cap Del Pouech dolmen2023lemasdazil@scourbet 11raccdolmen du Cap Del Pouech
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The dolmensPrehistoric megaliths

The dolmens

Some fifteen dolmens have been identified throughout the Ariège department, of which onze are located in the canton of Le Mas-d’Azil. Three of them are accessible via a “Natura 2000” label hiking trail: Cap del Pouech, Brillaud and Couminge, among the most spectacular and best preserved.

The dolmen

Cap del Pouech

Digged up in the mid-twentieth century by Abbé Pouech and restored in the 1960s, the Cap del Pouech dolmen at Mas d’Azil is one of the largestmegalithic edifices located on the Plantaurel massif (434 meters above sea level) and, above all, one of the best preserved.

Accessible by ahike of 1h30 or by car in 10mn, the site is the ideal place for adisconnect in the heart of a preserved environment.

The dolmens of

Brillaud et Couminge

Dating from the Neolithic period and situated at an altitude of 564 meters, the Brillaud dolmen at Mas d’Azil is not very high, as it is engaged in a pile of stones, the hypothetical survival of a tumulus that must have covered it.

The Couminge dolmen, meanwhile, was completely in ruins. In 1989, a team of Pamiers firefighters helped restore it (they had the right equipment to transport and lift the blocks of stone). It consists of two vertical stones supporting an impressive slab estimated to weigh several tons.

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