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Creators of emotions

The magic of arts and crafts

Transforming a material into an object is so fascinating. Marvel at our craftsmen and let them transport you into their colorful, poetic and sometimes quirky world.

Laurence and


Ceramics hold no secrets for Laurence THOMAS, who is one of the first to set up shop at the “fabrique des créatrices” at the entrance to the Mas d’Azil cave. All year round, she models porcelain with her fingertips and brings to life bowls, cups, dishes and other tableware to sublimate your meals.

Her gentle universe with its subtle blue, red, black notes blends beautifully with the cardboard, glass, basketry or textile creations of the other creators at the factory where she has her workshop.

The glass

in all its states

Kylian, a master in the art of glassblowing, fuses technique and creativity to create one-of-a-kind pieces. His studio unveils the metamorphosis of liquid glass into captivating sculptures, celebrating the magic of transformation.

Parallel to this, Emilie began her relationship with glass via a perles à la flamme workshop, igniting her passion. This spark evolved into a fruitful collaboration in fusing, culminating in her own workshop in 2009. She marries fused and cold-formed glass to create jewelry, unleashing her inventiveness.

Du pep’s

And ideas


At Le Carla-Bayle, Lénia and Chilia are two immensely talented artists. The former passionately shapes one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces in wood, candles, dried flowers, … inspired by nature. Each object tells a story, capturing the essence of the village and offering timeless treasures imbued with authenticity.

Designer Chilia has been successfully challenging 100% artisanal and French design since 2005: warm colors, fluid lines, feminine, natural, accessible fashion, textile insolence. A feminine, urban fashion inscribed in an approach to being in the world.



Discover too the bubbly, colorful world of Pépette! Pieces made from washi paper are carefully lacquered several times, embellished with cabochons or resinated for extra durability. Among the creations available: jewelry and accessories (earrings, bracelets and barrettes), as well as practical objects for everyday use (mirrors, bookmarks and wine stoppers).

Shaping matter


Jérôme Brosseron, based in Carla-Bayle, creates riding and luggage items in leather and brass, combining tradition and quality, with Occitan leathers and Italian buckles, for riders and travelers alike.

Sensiboot creates unique leather shoes and boots, handmade to fit each foot perfectly with customization and resealing possible, perpetuating French craftsmanship and the savoir-faire of the integral hand-sewn moccasin.

The box

Immerse yourself in the world of Delphine from La Chaise en Carton, where a magical workshop comes to life to create cardboard furniture and objects straight from your imagination. Let yourself be seduced by her exceptional expertise in designing bespoke furniture, seats as comfortable as they are creative, wonderful children’s furniture and ingenious accessories for stylish storage on your walls. An invitation to discoverthe art of cardboard in a new light, with a touch of whimsy that will charm even the most demanding hearts.


Based at the Fabrique des Créatrices in Mas d’Azil, L’Amusette stands out for her talent in Couture Zéro Déchet. A committed designer, she creates a variety of eco-responsible textile accessories such as bulk bags, pouches and baskets. Combining style and environmental awareness, each piece reflects meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainability.

Discover also Caroline’s Waldorf dolls: soft, organic, handmade. Magical companions to stimulate children’s imagination.

The wood


In Daumazan-sur-Arize, Patricia stands out for her talent in woodturning, a refined craft technique. Using a scroll saw, she precisely cuts intricate patterns into wood, bringing decorative pieces, toys and functional objects to life. This method empowers the creation of distinctive artistic works, where the contrasts between full and empty harmonize to shape unique masterpieces, reflecting her expertise and passion.

An ancestral tradition


Nested in Camarade, Nicole’s talent blossoms through traditional wickerwork. Each object created is a testament to her exceptional craftsmanship, capturing the essence of artisanal art and the authentic splendor of the surrounding nature. Nicole offers workshops and will gladly pass on the techniques, “tricks” and tips she learned from the old farmers of the Ariège. Throughout the year, she will also be delighted to unveil her baskets, baskets and other treasures.

Not far away, at the northern entrance to the Grotte, Géraldine, another local basket-maker, exhibits her work at the Fabrique des créatrices.

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